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    Other Things Joe Flacco Thinks Are The Best

    Yesterday, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was on a Baltimore radio show when he was asked about his agent saying he was a "top five" NFL quarterback. Flacco responded, "I don't think I'm top five, I think I'm the best." The show cut him off before he could tell everyone all the other things he thought were the best in their fields. Here's the full list.

    Best TV Show Set In Baltimore:

    Best Batman Movie:

    Best Song About People "Under Pressure":

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    Best Place For A Romantic Kiss In France:

    Best Michael Jordan Team:

    Best Book About War And Peace:

    Best Place To Celebrate Mardi Gras:

    Best President:

    Best Fashion Designer:

    Best Digital Startup CEO:

    Best Polite Awards Show Guest:

    Best Rap Artist: