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Of Course The Brooklyn Nets Are Going To Have Hipster Concession Stands

Stinky brown butter Rice Krispy treat? Where are the homemade preserves?!

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For those that may have trouble reading the menu in the photo:

McClure's Potato Chips

Baked in Brooklyn Everything Flatbread

Beigals Black and White

Tumbador Vitality Fruit And Nut Bar

Stinky Brown Butter Rice Kirspy Treat

Tumbador Chocolate Bar

and of course a:

New York ARTISAN Jumbo Pretzel

Regular jumbo pretzel are for plebs.

No word on if the domestic draft will be PBR. I do have a feeling you'll at least be able to get some locally grown vegetarian options somewhere. That kind of food will go great with your Brooklyn Nets jorts and your Brooklyn Nets flannel.

The best things at three price points