Note To Sports Fans: Don’t Throw Hot Dogs At Players

I can’t believe this has to be said.

1. This is Tyler Seguin of the Boston Bruins. Last night he was involved in the decisive shootout against the New Jersey Devils at the end of the game in Boston. When he was on his approach something weird happened.

Jared Wickerham / Getty Images

3. A hot dog flew out of the stands and right in front of the goalie, presumably in an effort to distract the goalie.

Jared Wickerham / Getty Images

4. Here you can see the toss in action.

5. This is the man many have identified as the hot dog tosser. He is sad here, because his plan didn't work. Seguin was forced to reshoot the shot. Luckily he made it again.

6. The lesson? Don't throw things on the ice, dummies!

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