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    NFL Scouts Ask Prospect If He's Gay


    Prospective NFL players have to face a lot of tough questions from NFL teams during pre-draft interviews.

    Sometimes they have to answer for unlawful activity off the field.

    Scott Halleran / Getty Images

    Former Florida State star Peter Warrick had to answer for being arrested for a scheme where he underpaid for goods at a department store in Florida.

    Sometimes they have to answer for a bizarre scandal about them having a fake dead girlfriend.

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    Basically coaches and scouts try to find out about players' red flags. Things that could hinder them from helping the team.

    But this year NFL prospect Nick Kasa was matter of factly asked a surprising question:

    Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

    Kasa's full quote to ESPN Radio in Denver was:

    Doug Pensinger / Getty Images
    Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

    Weird's one word for it... Offensive and possibly illegal are other words for it.

    But it makes sense that they ask about sexual orientation. After all, NFL players have to be able to run...

    Matt Ludtke / AP

    Or throw...

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    Or tackle...

    Sean Gardner / Reuters

    Or catch.

    Mark Cornelison/Lexington Herald-Leader/MCT

    And obviously only men who have sex with women are able to do any of those things, right?

    H/T Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk.