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    Nov 18, 2011

    New York's "eviair" Street Art Hit With A "Mel Brooks" Injunction

    The city's ubiquitous pieces of air canister street art have come under attack. Another artist claims the concept is stolen. What do you think?

    (Photo by Alex E. Proimos)

    These posters have been all over New York since this summer. There are many different variations of them, but they are all built around the image of "eviair" and "Poland Spring Air" canisters on gas masks. They're beautiful pieces that are so well made that they are often confused for actual ads. So good on the artist, right?

    Yesterday, I noticed that another street artist has slapped a large sticker on every one of these posters in the East Village. The sticker features an image of Mel Brooks in "Spaceballs" using "Perri-Air" and a letter from "MGM" written by President Skroob, Brooks' character in the movie.

    The Perri-Air Scene

    View this video on YouTube

    Is there no honor among street artists? What do you think? Actual plagiarism? Coincidence? Homage?

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