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    New Poems And Art From Shel Silverstein Released

    Who doesn't love Shel Silverstein? Jerks and nogoodniks that's who. Shel's family has released a new collection of previously unreleased poems and drawings called Everything On It. Here is a first look at some of the new material.

    Dirty Clothes

    Some put 'em in a washer,

    Some toss 'em in a tub,

    Some dump 'em in a laundry truck

    For someone else to scrub.

    Some stick 'em in a hamper,

    Some stuff 'em in a sack.

    I never worry 'bout 'em—

    I just keep 'em on my back

    Italian Food

    Oh, how I love Italian food.

    I eat it all the time,

    Not just 'cause how good it tastes

    But 'cause how good it rhymes.

    Minestrone, cannelloni,

    Macaroni, rigatoni,

    Spaghettini, scallopini,

    Escarole, braciole,

    Insalata, cremolata, manicotti,

    Marinara, carbonara,

    Shrimp francese, Bolognese,

    Ravioli, mostaccioli,

    Mozzarella, tagliatelle,

    Fried zucchini, rollatini,

    Fettuccine, green linguine,

    Tortellini, Tetrazzini,

    Oops—I think I split my jeani.