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    New Eagles Coach Chip Kelly Has The Greatest Nickname

    Did not see that coming.

    This is Chip Kelly. Former coach of the Oregon Ducks and (as of today) current coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Marcus Donner / Reuters

    If you Google the Kelly, Google's "knowledge box" will give you some quick info on him. Including his nickname...

    How did the name come about? Well thankfully the greatest compendium of human knowledge, Urban Dictionary, has it covered:

    I wonder if these shirts will come with Kelly to Philadelphia.

    You can buy one at if you're into having balls on your shirt, I guess.

    My biggest issue is that it's Big Balls Chip and not Big Balls Kelly. Big Balls Kelly sounds like one of Al Capone's friends. Big Balls Chip sounds like some guy at the local golf course with a medical issue.