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    Updated on Aug 25, 2020. Posted on Jul 21, 2012

    Never Fall Asleep Near An NBA Player

    It can be dangerous.

    Last season, Clippers center DeAndre Jordan started playing a game he called "Got Em," and ever since NBA players fall asleep at their own risk. The game entails catching your friends passed out and taking embarrassing photos of their dumb-looking zonked out face, ideally while you pose next to them. It's safe to say that it's caught on.

    It started as just a Clipper thing.

    1. The Clippers "get" Nick Young

    2. Eric Bledsoe tries to warn Reggie Evans, but it's too late.

    3. Blake Griffin and Reggie Evans "get" the game's creator, DeAndre Jordan

    4. Tebowing "GotEm"

    5. DeAndre Jordan and Mo Williams "get" Caron Butler and Trey Thomkins

    6. DeAndre Jordan and Caron Butler "get" Chris Paul

    7. The Clippers "get" Travis Leslie and Brian Cook

    8. Mo Williams "gets" Nick Young

    9. The Clippers "get" Chris Paul

    Then it spread to Minnesota.

    10. Martel Webster and Ricky Rubio "get" Michael Beasley

    11. Michael Beasley "gets" Kevin Love

    And threatens him with some milk.

    12. The Minnesota Timberwolves "get" Michael Beasley

    Now it's hit Team USA.

    13. Chris Paul and Tyson Chandler "get" Carmelo Anthony

    14. Chris Paul "gets" James Harden

    He loses points for the lack of a pose nearby.

    15. Deron Williams "gets" Russell Westbrook

    The lesson? Don't fall asleep near professional basketball players. As long as they have cell phone cameras and Twitter accounts, you can't trust them.