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NBA Jam Is Way Better When The Announcer Swears

You haven't lived until you've heard the "Boomshakalaka" guy mixing in some salty language to his dialogue. I can't decide if this just ruined or enhanced my childhood.

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The story goes that when the dialogue for NBA Jam was being recorded, the team had announcer Tim Kritzrow record R-Rated dialogue to amuse the team. Things like: "No fucking way," "Get that shit out of here," and "He's on fucking fire!" When the game was eventually being ported over to Super Nintendo, the people doing the port found those files and created a build of the game using them.

Now that story seems somewhat apocryphal, but what we do know is that the audio was actually recorded (then-Midway creative director Mark Turmell verified that to GameTrailers), and that the video is hilarious and awesome.