NBA Finals: Choose Your Side By Putting On LeBron’s Headband Or Harden’s Beard

With Game 4 of the Finals coming tonight, it’s time to show who you’re rooting for. If you’ve ever wanted to know what you’d look like with James Harden’s beard or LeBron’s comically over-sized headband now’s your chance.

Tonight brings Game 4 of the NBA Finals and it’s time to show your colors. Are you rooting for the upstart Thunder or the monolithic Heat? Doing it the old-fashioned way or assembling a super team? Hipster nonsense or high fashion? Kevin Durant or LeBron James? And most importantly…

2. James Harden’s beard…

DON EMMERT / Getty Images

3. Or LeBron’s over-sized headband?

DON EMMERT / Getty Images

Well with our new Pic Mixer tool, you can put them on and show the world where you stand.

5. LeBron’s Headband = Miami Heat

6. James Harden’s Beard = Oklahoma City Thunder

7. Both = Indecisive Douchebag

Upload your photo below and make your choice. (Delete whichever overlay you don’t use.)

Picmixer no longer available

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