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Mitt Romney Gets Punched Out By Big Bird At Texas Halftime Show

I have a feeling it might not have been the real Mitt Romney, but how can you ever be sure. Campaigns, am I right?

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Big Bird started with the old "You can't find me" gambit.

Then he pushed "Mitt" out of the way, because he had important business to attend to: DANCE!

Look at him go!

But then the "former Governor of Massachusetts" made a run at Big Bird.


If you come at Big Bird, you best not miss.

"Mitt" struggled to get up. Big Bird was confused. His mind filled with questions. Why did this politician attack him? Why was he at a football game? Why had he never realized how strong his punches were?

But "Mitt" got up okay, and joined in the most American of events: Dancing on a football field.

They all got moves!

And the dance, which was a metaphor for democracy, brings the two together. They share a meaningful handshake.

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