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Metta World Peace Has Some Crazy Ideas For The Lakers

Metta took to Twitter today to talk about what he would do if he were Lakers coach Mike Brown. The results are fantastic.

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Analysis: Benching Metta in favor of Ron is actually smart basketball. Metta is a below average forward with a terrible contract and "World Peace" on the back of his jersey. Ron Artest was one of the best defenders the NBA had seen in decades. I think it's obvious that the name change caused all of the problems.

Analysis: On its face this one makes way less sense, but a close reading shows something happening here. Metta World Peace is slowly transforming back into Ron Artest. In the first tweet he has taken Metta out of the game and brought in Ron Artest. I'm assuming he means this metaphorically and not in a "Metta and Ron are actually different people" sort of way. This tweet continues that transformation. With Ron back the Lakers could cut Metta all together, and Ron could go back to playing how he did. So crazily that he's constantly getting into trouble and getting benched.

Also he could just be making fun of Mike Brown for benching everybody (Kobe last week, Bynum the other day). Yeah that's probably it.

Analysis: I'm speechless. All I can say is that I really wish Metta World Peace was Mike Brown. If just to see him try to get Kobe to run one of these "plays."

"Guys, this play is called 'the running man.' Kobe, don't look at me that way."