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Jul 28, 2012

Meet The Olympic Athletes Without A Country

Who are the four athletes who are competing not on behalf of a country, but under the Olympic flag?

Richard Heathcote / Getty Images

Athletes From The Netherland Antilles

Why They're Independent: The Netherlands Antilles was a collection of islands in the Caribbean that were dissolved in 2010. Three of the islands became a part of the Netherlands proper, while two others transitioned into a new role "constituent countries" under the kingdom of the Netherlands. The Olympic Committee of the Netherlands Antilles had hoped to continue, but the IOC ruled that it could not last year. Athletes from the region who qualified were allowed to compete independently.

Their Athletes

Reginald De Windt

Age: 28

Event: Judo

Liemarvin Bonevacia

Age: 23

Event: 400m

Philipine van Aanholt

Age: 20

Event:Sailing — Women's Laser Radia

The Athlete From The South Sudan

Why They're Independent: The South Sudan gained its independence in June of last year. It did not set up a National Olympic Committee in time to send athletes to compete under the young nation's flag. Any athlete who qualified from the country would be allowed to compete independently.

Their Athlete

Guor Marial — South Sudan

Age: 28

Event: Marathon

They're excited.