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    Meet The Armless American Archer Who Won Paralympic Silver

    Winning a medal at the Paralympics is impressive enough, but when you don't have arms and that medal's in archery? Now that's mind-blowing.

    This is Matt Stutzman. He's a 29-year-old American paralympic archer from Kansas who was born without arms.

    To compete he sits and supports the bow with one foot, while loading the arrow with the other.

    He then pulls the cord back with his teeth and fires.

    He obviously has to take his shoes off to compete.

    Matt originally started using a bow only two years ago, so he could hunt, because his family needed food.

    One winter, he and his friend were bored and decided to go to an Archery tournament. He was instantly hooked.

    He's spent the last two years shooting as much as possible.

    This week it paid off, as Stutzman took silver at the Paralympics. Most of his competitors had a slight advantage over Matt.

    They had arms.

    Watch Matt Shoot.

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