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March Madness' Cutest Love Story

He's 6 foot 11. She's 5 foot 1. They're heart-meltingly cute.

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The two have been together since high school, but that's not the best thing about them.


Andrew Smith is 6 foot 11. Samantha Stage is 5 foot 1.


Andrew's on his knees!

Speaking of on his knees, the story of his proposal is adorable.


First, he led his fiancee, Samantha Stage, to believe he was planning a surprise birthday party. On the day before her 21st birthday in June – which began with a picnic, movie, shopping and dinner – he asked her to wait five minutes in the car outside her apartment before coming in. He must be rounding up guests, she reasoned.

Stage ran up the stairs to find Smith alone in the kitchen. Your present is in another room, he said.

"I tore my room apart, looking for it," she said. "I came out to find him on one knee, and he asked me."