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    Look How Happy Dennis Rodman Made That Evil Dictator

    "Basketball diplomacy!"

    We recently learned that Dennis Rodman and a collection of Harlem Globetrotters had gone to North Korea to play basketball exhibitions for dictator Kim Jong-Un.

    But until now, we had to use our imaginations to paint a picture of the entertained dictator. No more, thanks to Vice.

    Jason Mojica, VICE - Kim Jong-un with Dennis Rodman

    Look how tickled he is! He hasn't been this happy since that time his dad publicly executed those people for reading (reading!) South Korean propaganda leaflets.

    Jason Mojica, VICE - Kim Jong-un with Dennis Rodman

    But lest you be offended by the idea of Americans going to North Korea to entertain an evil leader while his people starve and are subject to a brutal and inhumane system of gulags and repression, Rodman had some thoughts.

    So apparently if this guy...

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    Dressed more like this...

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    It would have been totally fine for Americans to go entertain him during the height of the Soviet Union's brutal purges.

    (Also, I for one was shocked that this guy felt the need to utter the words "I'm not a politician.")