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    LeBron James Is Now A Brand Of Heroin

    Another career achievement for the Miami Heat star.

    You know when you go to buy heroin, and you think to yourself, "What was the kind of heroin I really liked last time? Was it the blue kind or green kind?" Well worry no longer, friends, because one enterprising young Pennsylvania man has finally solved everything for us forgetful drug buyers. From

    Upper Darby police said that they busted a major heroin dealer from Philadelphia on Thursday who had 140 packets of the deadly drug - all of which were stamped with the silhouette of a basketball player and the name "LeBron James."

    "I don't think LeBron James would be too happy with this drug-dealer dude using his name on these street bags," said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood.

    I don't know. I think Chitwood's just pissed that no one was selling any drugs using his brother's image:

    Ah, maybe he has a point. I would totally buy that heroin.

    H/T Dom Cosentino at Deadspin.