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    Posted on Jul 9, 2012

    Kyrie Irving Blew Everyone's Minds At The Olympic Basketball Practice

    The Cavs star is on the US Select team, which means he's there to give the Olympic team some competition. He was able to do that and then some.

    My name is Jack Moore, and I'm crazy in love with Kyrie Irving. Uncle Drew took what was left of my heart after LeBron James did the dougie all over it, and with every crossover, slowly stitched it back together. And now, thanks to his time with the Team USA Select Team and his aforementioned hit commercial, the media and NBA fans nationwide are coming around to what Cavs fans saw all year. This guy is really fucking good.

    Take, for example, exhibit A from this weekend's US National Team training session. Remember Irving isn't on the Olympic team, he's on the team that's there to scrimmage the Olympic team.

    Whoa. That was a lot of amazing for one GIF. Let's slow it down for you.

    Step One: Cross Up Kobe

    Oh no big deal. Just make one of the greatest players of all time look bad. Moving on.

    Step Two: Cross Up Kevin Durant

    Oh one superstar looking bad wasn't enough for you? How about another IMMEDIATELY on the heels of the last one? Who cares that Kevin Durant's got the wingspan of a bird that was self conscious about its small wingspan and then went to a bird doctor to get bird plastic surgery and overcompensated by going way too big. You know like Heidi Montag but with birds and wingspans.

    Step Three: Spin Past James Harden

    I don't know what's more impressive, the fact that Kyrie got by Harden so easily right after blowing by Kobe and Durant, or the fact that this is a move so pure and fast that Harden didn't even have time to flop.

    Step Four: WHAAAAAAAAA?

    He dribbled the ball between his legs and off his own knee. This is the type of stuff you expect from And1 mixtapes (Are those still a thing? Where's Raefer Alston? Has anyone seen Raefer?) not from some kid who went to Duke.

    If that wasn't enough, he also made Russ Westbrook look dumb. And got his shot in the post with no problem against Melo.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the NBA's next superstar: Kyrie "Uncle Drew" Irving.

    The full highlights from this weekend's training.

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