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Kobe Bryant Loved "Sex And The City"

In the continuing off-season of Kobe Bryant saying random, bizarre things... Here's what he thinks of Sex And The City.

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Kobe took time out of his preseason to write an article for iVillage about why it's important to vote. Buried among his civically minded op-ed was the little nugget that Kobe had more than a passing familiarity with HBO's Sex And The City.

Mark J. Terrill / AP

Of all the adjectives Kobe Bean Bryant could have chosen, I love that he went "informative." That's classic Kobe weirdness. What did he learn? Was he surprised that middle aged women have sex? Was he unaware of how hard it is to be a single gal in the city? Did he discover a deep erotic love for Kim Cattrall? I'm really glad he's using his celebrity to get people to vote, but now I demand another op-ed where he outlines the many life lessons he took out from Sex And The City. Maybe if Smush Parker were a fan of HBO dramedies those two would have gotten along better.

H/T Kobe Bryant at iVillage.