Kobe Bryant Is A Dick: Part 789

It may be the preseason, but Kobe’s douchiness is in mid-season form. How can you not love it?

Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

Kobe Bryant is a giant, unapologetic asshole. For a long time, it was one of the primary pieces of evidence I would use to rail against the Cult Of Kobe ™. But then in 2010 something terrible happened. Something unspeakable. Something that rhymes with “Buh Precision.” Suddenly Kobe’s douchebaggery seemed so much more honest than all the flip-flopping and “image control” that guys like LeBron tend to give into. This has only become more of a problem in the light of Dwight Howard’s 2011 campaign trail of “love me while I piss on Orlando.”

You’d expect that it would take a guy like Kobe a few weeks to play himself back into “amazing interview” shape, but he was on fire last night.

3. Kobe on the 2005-2007 Lakers:

(Reuters Pictures)

4. And then when someone told him about the Yankee's comeback last night, Kobe, who is both a Yankee fan and a good friend of A-Rod (Germany buddies!) had this to say:

Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

Of course! Kobe would side with the individual, even if the move helped the team win. Has there ever been a more Kobe stance to take? I can’t help but love this guy. What a magnificent prick!

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