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Kobe Bryant Is A Dick: Part 789

It may be the preseason, but Kobe's douchiness is in mid-season form. How can you not love it?

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Kobe Bryant is a giant, unapologetic asshole. For a long time, it was one of the primary pieces of evidence I would use to rail against the Cult Of Kobe (tm). But then in 2010 something terrible happened. Something unspeakable. Something that rhymes with "Buh Precision." Suddenly Kobe's douchebaggery seemed so much more honest than all the flip-flopping and "image control" that guys like LeBron tend to give into. This has only become more of a problem in the light of Dwight Howard's 2011 campaign trail of "love me while I piss on Orlando."

You'd expect that it would take a guy like Kobe a few weeks to play himself back into "amazing interview" shape, but he was on fire last night.


And then when someone told him about the Yankee's comeback last night, Kobe, who is both a Yankee fan and a good friend of A-Rod (Germany buddies!) had this to say:

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Of course! Kobe would side with the individual, even if the move helped the team win. Has there ever been a more Kobe stance to take? I can't help but love this guy. What a magnificent prick!

H/T Arash Markazi.

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