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Kate Upton Hangs Out With Kevin Durant And James Harden

Someone give these three a TV show.

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Proposed Kevin Durant/James Harden/Kate Upton TV Shows

Two Guys A Girl And A Team That Killed Seattle

Kate plays a Seattle girl who gets her dream job in the NBA with the team that Oklahoma stole.

Concussed Love

After being elbowed by Metta World Peace, Harden goes to the hospital where he is taken care of by a doctor played by Kate Upton. Kevin Durant is Harden's wise-cracking buddy.

Oklahoma City

Think Dallas with black people.

How I Met Your Supermodel Mother

A romantic relatable show about a rich, successful, NBA athlete looking for love. Kevin Durant is Ted.

The Beard

James Harden's beard becomes sentient and kidnaps James and Kate. Kevin must track them both down. Story by Stephen King.

The Kate Upton Show

Just slow-motion shots of Kate Upton. Ratings-wise this is probably the best idea.