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In The Drudge Caucus Jon Huntsman Is Even Losing To Herman Cain

The "Drudge Caucus" polls opened earlier today on the Drudge Report and Jon Huntsman is in dead last. We say "dead" last, because he's even losing to a man who had to drop out of the race in shame due to sexual harassment allegations.

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In what will likely be the first in a series of disappointments for the former Utah Governor during this primary process, Jon Huntsman is currently in last place in the Drudge Report's "Drudge Caucus." His 2.78% of the vote (roughly 9,000 of about 325,000 votes) not only puts him behind the rest of the current Republican hopefuls, but it also puts him behind former candidate Herman Cain. That's right Jon Huntsman is currently losing to a guy who had to drop out of the race in shame because there were so many women accusing him of sexual impropriety. Now obviously this is an unscientific Internet poll, but it is interesting that Huntsman's numbers here are pretty similar to his numbers in Iowa (according to the last DMR poll, approximately 2%), which is a state he's long since given up on.

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