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Jerry Sandusky's Adopted Son Says He Was Abused

This story just keeps getting worse.

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PAT LITTLE / Reuters

Jerry Sandsuky's adopted son Matt has joined the chorus of accusers saying that they were abused by the former Penn State coach. The now 33 year old Matt, who was a foster child of Jerry and Dottie Sandusky before he was ultimately adopted, made himself available to the prosecution as a potential witness, though his testimony was never required (he did however meet with both lawyers and the judge yesterday).

This revelation follows Matt's biological mother expressing concern that her son was molested by Sandusky. A claim he had repeatedly denied before his statement today. This also comes after the testimony of one of Sandusky's victims that placed Matt in the showers moments before a "soap fight" that Jerry instigated. Matt was said to leave the scene with a "nervous" facial expression.

Matt's news will not affect the embattled coach's fate, however, as the jury is already in deliberations.