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Jeremy Lin Lost His Mind Over Harvard's Shocking March Madness Win

Seeing a pro athlete give in to this kind of fandom is awesome.

Late on Thursday night (early Friday morning on the East Coast), 14-seed Harvard shocked the basketball world and beat 3-seed University of New Mexico 68-62. It was Harvard's first ever tournament win.

And no one was more excited than Harvard's most famous basketball alum, NBA star Jeremy Lin.

Lin started showing his tournament excitement earlier this week when his Houston Rockets teammate Chandler Parsons left the lowly Crimson out of his Fnal Four.

Parsons hit back at Lin's question with a dig at the "nerds."

But Lin, as always, stood up for his boys.

And then before the big game, Lin was pumped.

He got started early by correcting the grammar of a trash talk tweet.

Then as Crimson star Laurent Rivard's shots started to fall, you could feel Lin begin to get into it.

And as the Crimson continued to lead the Lobos, the star started to get a little slap happy.

Like really enthusiastic.

And then they won, and he lost it.

It's okay, Jeremy. When your team pulls off the biggest basketball win in the history, you're allowed to be in a goofy mood.

Congrats to Jeremy Lin and Harvard grads everywhere. Life is so hard for them. They needed this.