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Jeremy Lin Had Lunch With Fired "Chink In The Armor" Writer

What do you talk about with the guy who got fired for accidentally referring to you as a racial epithet?

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Anthony Federico was fired from his job as an ESPN headline writer when he posted the story of Jeremy Lin's first loss as a starter under the headline "Chink In The Armor." Federico immediately and profusely apologized and expressed that he would love the opportunity to explain his side of the story to Lin. Yesterday he got his chance.

Federico said that during the lunch they only discussed the incident that connected the two of them for no more than three minutes. They spent most of their time talking about "matters of faith (and) reconciliation" as well as their "shared Christian values."

Now some may see this as a sweet move on Lin's part. A classy gesture of support to someone who lost his job. But BuzzFeed Sports has figured out the truth...

Shots fired.

Shots fired.