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    The Most Controversial Mullet In the NBA

    Most NBA fans would agree that 76ers center Spencer Hawes is an OK, but not great, big man, but his mullet is far more polarizing.

    This is Spencer Hawes, average NBA player and owner of a substantial mullet.

    Matt Slocum / AP

    As the season's gone along we've gotten more and more glimpses of his beautiful mane.

    The Canadian Press, Frank Gunn / AP

    This game against the Celtics provided a particularly great look at his flowing locks.

    Steven Senne / AP

    But despite more exposure to the mullet, Hawes' hair remains a point of controversy among NBA fans. Is it awesome? Is it terrible? People haven't been able to decide.

    But then over the weekend, the 76ers played the Phoenix Suns and this camera shot happened. And in that moment the world discovered the magic that is THE HAWES MULLET.


    H/T The NBA Dribbled Out.