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Is This Man Okay? (Probably Not)

The craziest sports fan on earth is terrifying. I'm worried about his well-being and the well-beings of his children.

Sports fans are an insane bunch. Personally, I have a Boobie Gibson Cleveland Cavaliers jersey that I wear during any important Cavs game, because I got it on a night he scored 33 points in the playoffs. That's stupid. My jersey doesn't impact Kyrie Irving, but it makes my watching experience more fun. No harm, no foul. Not everyone is like me, though. Some people take their watching experience to a different, scarier place. This Ravens fan is one such guy. The following three short videos all take place immediately following GOOD plays for the Ravens. That's right, these are all (ostensibly) happy moments.

After Ray Rice scored a touchdown for the Ravens.

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After Jacoby Jones's touchdown saved the Ravens' season and sent the game into overtime. (Spoiler: He cries while muttering, "I can't take it anymore!")

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After the Ravens interception that led to their game-winning field goal. (His daughter even asks if his response is "happy" at the 19-second mark.)

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Some giffable lowlights (remember these are reactions to good things happening for the Ravens):

And sadly, here's the moment his daughter realized her father was crazy.