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    21 Insane And Terrifying Pitcher Faces

    Forget diving faces. Pitcher faces are crazy.

    1. The Rabbit

    2. The "Try not to laugh."

    3. The Serial Killer

    4. The "Loud noises!"

    5. The "You look... Delicious."

    6. The Constipation

    7. The "I just remembered the end of Old Yeller. Why does that movie have to be so sad?"

    8. The "My face broke."

    9. The "My name is Chris Sale. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

    10. The "Does my nose always look like that?"

    11. The "Heh."

    12. The Murderstorm

    13. The Smile

    14. The "Was that a UFO?"

    15. The "I should have stopped at the bathroom."

    16. The "Oh crap. I left the stove on."

    17. The "Ugh. The last guy farted out here."

    18. The Stoner

    19. The Classic Derp

    20. The Sunglass Derp

    21. The Derp Evolved