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How To Get A Free Super Bowl Ticket On Craigslist

Well this is offer.

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Oh... Well... I guess that's... This seems like a weird response to a break up, but okay.



The hot part isn't surprising, it is in the headline. But I have to say, I'm impressed about his insistence that she has to be a Ravens fan. He doesn't want just some hot girl who doesn't care. He doesn't want a football agnostic. He wants a hot girl who will dance along with Ray Lewis.


Okay. I don't know what he means by "at least". How can you be expected to put out "at least a HJ/BJ/etc."? Doesn't that "etc." cover all possible sex acts. Meaning that you'll be expected to do "at least" everything?


AMAZING. He's just being real. If you want this ticket, kicking it with his extended family is a must.

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