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How To Con An Umpire: A Step-By-Step Guide

Why catch the ball, when you can not catch the ball?

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Step One: Wait For Your Opportunity

If you want to be a con artist, you can't just go around conning people all willy-nilly. You have to be like George Clooney in that one movie where he's attractive and wearing a suit and saying sardonic things. You have to wait until the right moment and make your move. Yankees left fielder Dewayne Wise's moment came last night when Jack Hannahan popped up into foul territory.

Step Two: Look Alive

It's vital that you don't tip your hand early, by not committing. Remember the con only goes into effect if you can't make the play. But to figure that out you have to try. If you don't, people will be onto you from the start and you'll have to stop playing the Big Con and go back to dealing three-card monty in a fantasy version of New York that only still exists in bad sitcoms and Spike Lee's brain.


Step Four: Flair

At this point it's becoming clear that you're not going to pull this off. Time to baffle them with bullshit. As famous magicians, tobacco growers, and furniture salesman say, "it's all smoke and mirrors."

Step Five: Try To Hide The Fact That You Failed

Wise did a great job of this. He kept enough doubt as he descended out of the view of the camera that no one knew if he had it. Sure from this other angle it's clear he didn't, but neither the umpire, nor the TV crew could tell on first look.

Step 7: Have A Hype Man

But luckily for the outfielder this guy quickly joined in the scam and began pointing at him, as if to say "You're the man Dewayne Wise. Good job making that amazing catch. I soitenly don't have the ball over here." Also all hype men in the con-game talk like Damon Runyon characters.


Watch The Play:

H/t Deadspin and Erik Malinowski.

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