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    How Not To Make A Sports T-Shirt

    "I have a great idea. Let's make a T-shirt for Oklahoma City Thunder fans that reminds them of one of the few painful moments in franchise history." (This is something someone must have said in a real-life business meeting.)

    This shirt has showed up in Oklahoma City stores, but rather than being amusing or cool (the primary job requirements of any graphic T-shirt), it just raises all sorts of questions. Why would any Thunder fan purchase one? Do Thunder fans hate James Harden? Why would Kevin Durant and Russ Westbrook be pissed at His Beardness? Why is James Harden sad on the shirt? Do the people that made the shirt know that James Harden signed an $80 million deal after being traded to Houston? Also, is there a giant overlap between Thunder fans and Taylor Swift fans? And if there is, wouldn't a shirt with "You Belong with Me" be a more fitting expression of Oklahoma City's collective feeling toward Harden? Come on, OKC merchants. I know you're relatively new to the whole "having a pro sports team" thing, but let me give you a piece of advice: NO ONE WANTS TO BUY A SHIRT THAT REMINDS THEM OF TERRIBLE MOMENTS IN FRANCHISE HISTORY!

    Would Browns fans ever buy this?


    Would Bills fans ever buy this?


    Would blimp fans ever buy THIS?!?!?!?!

    Probably not. But maybe. There aren't many blimp-centric T-shirts, so they may just take what they can get.