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How Come There Aren't Giant Flying Animals Anymore?

Jose Canseco's brilliant thoughts on gravity and dinosaurs.

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First, late in the evening/early in the morning Jose Canseco tweeted this cryptic message.

It's important to remember that at this point, Jose had not yet shared any thoughts regarding gravity on his Twitter feed.

The next evening Jose got to work laying out his theory.

Well not until now, Jose.

According to Wikipedia, the laziest-named dinosaur (Supersaurus) weighed 35 to 40 tons. But that's still more than elephants. Go on, Jose.


Okay. I have to say the word choice of "nimble" is really tremendous.

I mean, that's a solid theory.

Bigness? Develop? Dominate? I feel like this is going to break into a defense of steroids any second.

Hey, let's not just make fun of him. That's an interesting question. How else could 30 foot leather birds fly?

Oh. Good point.

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