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    High School Wrestler With No Arms And No Legs Is Awesome

    He's kicking ass, so what's your excuse?

    This is Caleb Smith from Harding High School in St. Paul, Minnesota.

    Caleb is your average 120-pound high school wrestler, except for one littttttttle thing.

    He doesn't have arms or legs.

    And yet he is still out there kicking ass.

    His coach says that he's stronger than most 120-pounders and that the unusual way that he moves makes it hard for people to approach him strategically.

    Caleb lost his arms and legs to a blood disease when he was only four. He's been wrestling since fifth grade.

    He recently won his first varsity match.

    So that thing you keep meaning to do but have been putting off because it seemed like kind of a lot of work?

    See NBC's report below.

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