High School Hockey Goalie Intentionally Scores On Himself, Flips Off His Coach, Leaves The Game

A high school senior intentionally cost his team the game. Why? REVENGE! No seriously, revenge.

Minnesota’s Farmington High School hockey team was beating Chaska High School by one goal, when Senior Farmington goalie Austin Krause took the puck and purposefully slid it into his own net, giving Chaska the tying goal.

Why? Because he’s a whiny brat. Krause, a senior, has been riding the bench all year in favor of a sophomore goalie. But with the sophomore out with an injury, Krause got the start on the team’s Senior Night. He scored the own goal as a protest of his lack of playing time.

But he didn’t stop there.

5. After scoring the goal on himself, he flipped off his coach.

6. Gave a sarcastic salute.

7. And left the ice.

Chaska would go onto score the winning goal shortly thereafter, giving Farmington and Krause’s former teammates a loss.

9. Watch the freakout here.

10. And hey, Austin. If you think what you did was cool, I have a little message for you.

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