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Happy Birthday Lil Jimmy: 11 Awesome Jim Norton Clips [NSFW]

Today is Lil Jimmy Norton's Birfday! I grew up listening to Opie and Anthony, so Jim has always been one of my favorite comedians. In his honor let's look back on some of his best moments and characters. These videos are obviously NSFW (language).

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  • AVN Awards

    It's like the Oscars, but porn style.

  • Jimmy's Heartbreak

  • Chip Chipperson

  • Ted Sheckler's Pesky Bee Removal Emporium

  • Jimmy Goes Off On Lynn

  • Uncle Paul

  • Jimmy on Letterman

  • Randy Couture Chokes Lil Jimmy

  • Jimmy Panicking Over Meeting Malcolm McDowell

  • Jim Norton: Monster Rain Pt. 1

  • Jim Norton: Monster Rain Pt. 2