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    Grow Up, DeMarcus Cousins: Part 346

    I want to love Boogie Cousins. I really do. But then he does crap like this.

    After getting called for a technical foul, Sacramento's DeMarcus Cousins tracked down the ref to ask why he got hit with the call. Cousins grew frustrated and then said something dumb.

    Why? Because as much as he's an entertaining player, he's also a head case. An immature head case who refuses to take responsibility for his actions and plays for a coach who lost the ability to discipline him when ownership reversed a coach-issued suspension earlier this year. Hopefully Seattle works out better for him than Sacramento has.

    Because right now this is the "Coaching DeMarcus Cousins" experience in a single beautiful reaction.


    H/T Dan Devine at Ball Don't Lie.