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Golfer Falls Down 18-Foot Sinkhole While Playing


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Last week a sinkhole in Florida consumed a man who was just sitting in his house. His remains were never recovered.

Dirk Shadd/Tampa Bay Times/MCT

This week a golfer in Illinois was minding his own business when A SINKHOLE GOT HIM TOO.

The man's wife, Lori Mihal, writes of the situation:

My husband, Mark Mihal, co-founder of golfmanna, went out to play a familiar course in Waterloo, Ill., with his regular Friday foursome. He was having a great round and lots of laughs with his buddies. They were in the fairway on No. 14; Mark had already hit his second shot when he went to check out the distance for his playing partner, Mike Peters, who was getting ready to hit. Mike had his back to Mark and when he turned to say something to him, Mark was gone.

Mike could hear Mark moaning and ran in the direction where he had been standing just a few seconds earlier. It was immediately clear what had happened; the ground had caved in and Mark had fallen into the earth – 18 feet underground.

"I felt the ground start to collapse and it happened so fast that I couldn't do anything," Mark said later. "I reached for the ground as I was going down and it gave way, too. It seemed like I was falling for a long time. The real scary part was I didn't know when I would hit bottom and what I would land on."

Mark is fine. He hurt his shoulder and may require surgery, but he was recovered from the sinkhole and should make a full recovery. You can read Lori's full report here.

Thankfully these incidents are over, and we can now stop thinking about the Earth opening up to eat us...


h/t: Dom Cosentino at Deadspin

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