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    Posted on Dec 11, 2012

    Fighting A Tiny Referee: How Not To Look Tough In The NBA

    Toronto's Amir Johnson is such a tough dude.

    Last night, 6'9" Amir Johnson decided to throw his 210lbs around with referee David Jones.

    David Jones is basically a little old man.

    It started with a simple free throw.

    Amir Johnson went to rebound, but David Jones already retrieved the ball, which is what Jones is supposed to do. Refs have to throw the ball to the shooter before a free throw.

    Amir Johnson decided he wanted it anyway, so he wrestled Jones for it and got in his face.

    David Jones did what refs typically do when you wrestle with them, he threw Amir out.

    And then Amir did what real tough guys do, he tried to intimidate an old man.

    And then while his teammates had to hold him back(!), he threw his mouthpiece at him.

    Reminder, THIS is the guy Amir was trying to intimidate.

    As Amir's teammate DeMar DeRozan said:

    H/T Trey Kerby at The Basketball Jones.