Every Olympic Google Doodle

Google let the Olympics take over their popular “doodles” for the duration of the summer games. Here is every one of their artistic takes on the events in London. Some are even playable!

1. Day 1: Opening Ceremony

2. Day 2: Archery

3. Day 3: Diving

4. Day 4: Fencing

5. Day 5: Gymnastics

6. Day 6: Field Hockey

7. Day 7: Table Tennis

8. Day 8: Shot Put

9. Day 9: Pole Vault

10. Day 10: Synchronized Swimming

11. Day 11: Javelin

13. Day 13: Basketball (PLAYABLE!)

Play The Basketball Doodle Here

14. Day 14: Slalom Canoe (PLAYABLE!)

Play The Slalom Canoe Doodle Here

15. Day 15: Soccer (PLAYABLE!)

Play The Soccer Doodle Here

16. Day 16: Rhythmic Gymnastics

17. Day 17: Closing Ceremonies

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