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    ESPN's Tebow Love Goes To New Absurd Heights

    There's something in the (holy) water in Bristol.

    Let's look at that question again.

    "Scale of one to ten: How impressive is a QB throwing a football in a trash can?"

    That's a question ESPN actually posed after it was reported (REPORTED, as though this is news) that Tim Tebow successfully threw a football into a trash can from about 25 yards away. Tim Tebow is an NFL quarterback. IMpressive doesn't even belong in the same paragraph with this "achievement." The target he's required to hit from that distance in a game (a wide receiver's hands/chest) is smaller than many trash cans and oh yeah IS MOVING. So on a scale of one to ten I'm going to go with zero, ESPN. The answer is zero. Now if he was in a pee-wee league, it'd be a solid six. But he actually makes money doing this, so I think we don't need to report on the fact that he successfully did the bare minimum IN PRACTICE to be able to claim with a straight face that he plays his position.