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    Dikembe Mutombo Wants To Save Us From The Mayan Apocalypse

    Mount Mutombo wags his finger at the end of the world.

    The Mayan-predicted apocalypse is fast approaching, but Old Spice and Dikembe Mutombo have teamed up to do whatever they can to stop it!

    Thanks to the game we learn:

    Dikembe loves doves.

    He has a third hand designed for flute playing.

    His head flies off...

    And is a rocket ship that contains another, smaller Dikembe Mutombo.

    He has a best friend named Science The Bear.

    He can't think about voting while doing "Gangnam Style."

    The stakes couldn't be higher for Dikembe's mission.

    He has Thanksgiving with his two best friends: Science The Bear and a random turkey.

    Dikembe's random turkey friend is a cannibal.

    And most importantly...

    Dikembe loves mixtapes.