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    Damian Lillard Is TERRIFIED Of Historic Statues

    Well this is crazy.

    Portland rookie Damian Lillard has been setting the basketball world on fire, averaging 19 points and 6 assists a game, unreal numbers for a rookie.

    But it turns out he's not without weaknesses, as the Internet discovered when Lillard tweeted about his team's road trip to Washington DC.

    Twitter: @Dame_Lillard

    (AP/ Tony Gutierrez)

    Lillard's tweet got a lot of attention from fans who began questioning what he meant. Statues? Really? Like the stone things that don't move or hurt anyone?

    But Lillard was quick to clarify the exact nature of his phobia.

    Twitter: @Dame_Lillard

    (AP/ Rick Bowmer)

    What could have possibly happened in that wax museum?

    • Did a friend of his dress up in a really convincing MLK Jr. costume only to pretend he was a wax figure and scare Lillard?

    • Did Lillard go to a terrible wax museum that had grotesque versions of the Presidents that he simply can't get out of his head to this day?

    • Did a wax figure of a historic person ACTUALLY come to life and try to murder Lillard like he was living a Goosebumps novel?

    Regardless, if the Wizards really want to stop him when he's in town, they should make a roster change.

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