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Chenning: The New Horsemaning

"Chenning," or taking photos with the disembodied head of Gawker's Adrian Chen after he writes an article crying about your "fake internet craze" was a popular way of taking pictures in the 1920s. It's currently experiencing a revival and is basically the new horsemaning, which was basically the new planking. Here are some modern day adaptations of this popular new/old photo trend.

  • The Original:

    The Original:

  • The Revival:

    The Revival:

  • Shakespearean Chenning:

    Shakespearean Chenning:

  • Big Chenning:

    Big Chenning:

  • Noogie Chenning:

    Noogie Chenning:

  • Dropkick Chenning:

    Dropkick Chenning:

  • Horsemaning Chenning:

    Horsemaning Chenning:

  • Super Bowl Chenning:

    Super Bowl Chenning:

  • Double Chenning:

    Double Chenning:

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