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    Jul 14, 2011

    Celebrity Spotify Playlists

    Now that Spotify has come to America, let's break down some celebrity playlists. From Mr. Demi Moore to Jonny Greenwood, what are they listening to?

    • 1. Ashton Kutcher - bbqs playlist

      Ashton Kutcher - bbqs playlist

      The new Two and a Half Men star put together an interesting and eclectic mix of songs for a get together he had. From Kanye ("All Falls Down) to Ben Kweller ("Sundress") to The Who ("Baba O'Riley") to Kenny Chesney ("Back Where I Come From"), Kutcher's list has a little something for everyone. So it's not just the Nikon commercials, this guy knows how to liven up a party. Arbitrary Playlist Grade: B+

    • 2. Britney Spears - Me Time Mix

      Britney Spears - Me Time Mix

      This is what Britney listens to when she just needs to get away from the world. Which is weird because her world is one of derivative pop and dance music and well that's exactly what this list is. Arbitrary Playlist Grade: C

    • 3. Perez Hilton - Play Safe Playlist

      Perez Hilton - Play Safe Playlist

      I'm pretty sure this is what Perez Hilton listens to when he has sex. I'm sorry for raising that idea, but "Play Safe" plus these songs... I'm just adding 2 and 2 which it turns out equals vomit. That said, for a sex playlist this one seems especially lame. George Michael? The Carpenters? Gloria Estefan? Come on. Arbitrary Playlist Grade: F

    • 4. Trent Reznor - Mixed Party Record

      Trent Reznor - Mixed Party Record

      Okay so this very well may not be THE Trent Reznor. But the famous one talked on Twitter today about being a fan of the service and this is a guy named Trent Reznor. Look the Internet is an inexact science. As for the playlist itself, I really like this one. So good job Trent, regardless of if you were in Nine Inch Nails or not. Arbitrary Playlist Grade: B+

    • 5. Jonny Greenwood - Office Chart

      Jonny Greenwood - Office Chart

      Okay so this is my favorite of these playlists. Not because it's good. In fact it's just a Paul Simon album, a Black Keys album and then some random tracks (a Talking Heads song and a few classical ones). That said, this is totally what my playlists look like. I start with great intentions and then I just end up adding albums. So Perez should feel good about his F, because I'm sure they'd have to create new, worse grades for my playlists. Arbitrary Playlist Grade: A (It's hardly a playlist, but I like the music on this one the best so... I mean I said the grades were arbitrary.)