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The Ben From BuzzFeed Meme

Ben Smith is one of the top political reporters in the country, and as of January 1st, he'll be the Editor-in-Chief of BuzzFeed. What better way to welcome our new fearless leader than to do a round-up of the Internet's newest meme? Ladies and gentlemen, we give you "Ben From Buzzfeed."

As has been reported across the Internet, BuzzFeed is about to evolve. Starting this January political reporter Ben Smith will be taking over as our new Editor-in-Chief, bringing to our fine site a new focus on original reporting and breaking stories. But we wanted to reassure you all that our new classy political coverage won't mean the end of our Internet silliness. So with that in mind, here is your newest meme: "Ben From BuzzFeed."

Note: All but the first image are BuzzFeed originals.