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    Dec 3, 2012

    Bob Costas: If Jovan Belcher Didn't Have A Gun, He And His Girlfriend Would Still Be Alive

    During last night's Sunday Night Football broadcast on NBC, the famed sportscaster — quoting Jason Whitlock — took a stand on gun control.

    During halftime of last night's game, Bob Costas took a minute to address the Jovan Belcher situation, and gun control.

    Many on Twitter were furious with Costas...

    But I for one was impressed by his candor, and his timing. Too often we accuse people of "politicizing a tragedy," when in fact what they're doing is exploring how that tragedy could have been avoided at the time when those questions are best asked.

    Gun control is a complicated issue, but if this isn't a time to address it, I don't know what is. So to Costas and Jason Whitlock: