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Another Racist Tweet Gets An Olympian Sent Home

Why one soccer player had to leave London.

This Is Swiss soccer player Michel Morganella playing against South Korea in the Olympics. Despite selling one of the worst dives in soccer history, the Swiss would end up losing this game 2-1.

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Following the game, Morganella tweeted the following:

Which roughly translates to:

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Translation according to 101 Great Goals. According to the AP the tweet was a combination of a French slang called verlan and a text-message style of writing. Other translations have Morganella saying South Koreans "can go burn" and that he actually called them a "bunch of mongoloids." Regardless, it's bad.

Shortly after sending that tweet, Morganella deleted his Twitter account.

Morganella was sent home by Switzerland.


Gilli also added that Morganella was responding to negative tweets his account received from Korean fans, though he did not say that this excused the player's tweet.

Morganella released a statement of apology through the Swiss Olympic Committee.

Paul Ellis / Getty Images