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An Athlete Pays Touching Instagram Tribute To The City He's Leaving

Josh Cribbs has played in Cleveland for his entire career. Today it looks like he will be signing elsewhere. But before he did, he used social media to say goodbye.

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Josh Cribbs has been the most recognizable face on the Cleveland Browns over the last 8 years. He's been a great member of the community and a beloved figure among fans.

Rick Osentoski / AP

However, after this past season Cribbs became a free agent, and though he expressed interest in staying in Cleveland (and even taking a paycut to do it), the Browns were less interested in bringing him back. So as Cribbs gets ready to move on to a new NFL city, he took to social media to say goodbye to the place he loved and the place that loved him.

First on Instagram:

And then with a simple message on Twitter.

We love you too, Josh.