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    Posted on Dec 27, 2012

    Alabama Quarterback's Girlfriend Attended Hated Rival, Auburn

    It's like Romeo and Juliet, only it takes place in the south and college football is involved.

    This is AJ McCarron. He's the star quarterback of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

    The Tuscaloosa News, Michelle Lepianka Carter / AP

    Alabama's biggest rival is Auburn. To say the schools dislike each other would be an understatement. Their hatred for one another is nearly unmatched in college football.

    Which is why this photo of McCarron and Miss Alabama Katherine Webb together on Christmas Eve is so interesting. Webb is an Auburn grad.

    [Notation my own.]

    Webb met McCarron on Twitter and the two have gotten closer since. After Webb tweeted the photo on Christmas Eve, her friends began commenting on it. This exchange in particular seemed to point to a relationship.

    Webb then seemed to confirm the relationship on Twitter.

    So if McCarron has a bad BCS Championship game, I think we know who Bama fans will blame.

    But Webb's not playing into it. She wants to be a uniter of Alabamans. After all she is Miss Alabama.

    I for one am rooting for these two. I'm sure the cutthroat world of Alabama celebrity is easier with a partner.

    H/T Joe Kinsey at Busted Coverage