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    Alabama High School Has Football Game On ESPN, Fans Bring Homophobic Sign

    Way to look classy on national TV.

    Having your high school football game broadcast on ESPN is a huge honor. For most of these kids it'll be among the biggest moments of their lives. The kind of moment that they'll tell their grandkids about (provided that by the time they have grandkids ESPN hasn't grown to the point where they are ruling the world as a despotic oligarchy). Unfortunately, the kids from Spanish Fort High School (who would go on to beat their purple-clad opponents from Daphne High 20-14) couldn't help but tarnish it by bringing this sign to the game.

    It may be hard to tell from the photo, but it says, "Purple? Man, That's Gay." Now, on one hand I'm impressed that they included proper punctuation — that comma after "Man" is a pleasant surprise for a sign at a high school football game — but on the other, much more important hand: what the fuck, kids? What year is it, that this still seems like a good idea?